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Are you a busy professional, who is constantly on the go?


Are you tired of feeling tired?  Are you regularly missing meals?

Do you feel dieting is so stressful, and when you start you cannot keep up, but want to be healthy and have fun at the same time?

Do you want to reach your true health potential, and transform your health? 

Do you want to take time to pamper yourself by transforming your diet habit?

Do you want to kick the sugar habit?



If ‘YES is YOUR answer to any of the above statements, then ‘The Cleanse’ will be of great benefit TO you!


Package Benefits: Coach Bunmi is here to help you:

  • Have more energy

  • Shed toxins and maybe a few pounds

  • Create a sense of mental clarity about YOUR goals

  • Create or maintain a positive mindset towards meal preparation and healthy tips

  • Create or adapt recipes

  • Develop a healthy and fun way to honour or embrace YOUR eating habits

  • Create habits and boundaries to set YOU up for success and you move towards living the best version of you



Take INSPIRED action, join ‘The 14-day Cleanse Programme!


‘The 14-Day Cleanse’ Package features include:

  1. 30-minute Success Kickoff Session; We will have a comprehensive initial assessment, review current challenges, discuss your vision and goals for the programme, and set up conditions for inevitable success

  2. Two Private 1:1 Coaching Calls (30 minutes each):  These are sessions at the onset of the cleanse and after.  You will get clarity on your eating habits beneficial to your unique body.  We will celebrate your progress and you’ll leave with clear next steps as you move back into your usual day to day living.


‘The 14-day Cleanse’ Package Investment 

  • Invest in yourself for Private 1:1 Coaching in the sum of £250.00

  • If a group session of 6 individuals, the investment sum would be £50.00 each

    • Facebook access to me, for those quick questions that may arise between our sessions ONLY Group Sessions

                                                                           Reserve your place HERE today!

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