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Helen Woo-Duncan -

Bunmi is an incredible and compassionate Coach.  She brings light, love and positive energy to her sessions and is well-attuned to her client's needs. She is a wonderful listener and skilled at getting to the source of your challenges, which is exactly what I was seeking in improving my health, happiness, marriage, family  relationships, career and just life overall. Bunmi helps you easily and powerfully see new possibilities for yourself that you did not see before. And, in her presence, you start believing that your better, best life is closer than you thought! I thoroughly enjoyed Bunmi's coaching around self-care and found it tremendously relaxing. I am most thankful for the deep sense of calm Bunmi empowered me to feel and access with her intuitive coaching and meditative visualization experience - which I loved!! These resources are very useful to cope with and overcome fears, stress & worries that stop us from taking actions. Bunmi also gifted me with clarity and helped me create and design a powerful mantra which I use on a daily basis to move towards my goals with ease & excitement! I would highly recommend working with Bunmi!


- Kate Johnstone -

I would like to say a massive thank you to Bunmi for her help. I had a brilliant enlightening session which led to me having a real breakthrough and realising that the life coaching element of my course now really strikes a chord with me. Initially when I started my coaching course although I have been enjoying the course and found it helpful, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to pursue a business myself. I now have the clarity I was missing. Thank you Bunmi you are a great  inspiring coach 😊👍👍👍

- Abbie

Bunmi is a good friend of mine that I have known for decades. When she talked to me about her coaching and wellness program I was intrigued to know more. I have been looking for ways to improve my diet and lose some weight. After discussing with Bunmi I decided to try the  no caffeine, no dairy detox. The first couple of days were difficult but I kept going. Bunmi constantly encouraged and motivated me to keep going. I did experience headaches on one of the days which I think was caffeine withdrawal. At the end of the week I lost a kilo. I was very pleased with this as any weight loss is a good thing. I am also now able to have porridge without milk which I hadn’t tried before. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone struggling with weight to help kickstart weight loss.

- Ayo -

I am so happy that I have signed up with Bunmi. I have had 5 sessions so far and after each session. I leave feeling so energised and ready to conquer the world. In this short space of time I am more aware of my body and the effects certain foods have on me in different ways. It is like a switch has turned on in my brain and my vision has become so clear in regards to my feelings towards myself. I am so excited to complete my sessions! If I already feel like this half way through I can not wait to see the end result. I am aware it is a continuous journey but the tools I have used so far on this journey have had such a positive affect and I am positive they will be with me for life enabling me to have a better standard of living. I would definitely be recommending these sessions.

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