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Take INSPIRED action, and live the life YOU really want!!!


‘Best Version of You’ Package features include:




60-minute Success Kickoff Session; We will have a comprehensive initial

assessment, review past challenges, discuss your vision and goals for the future, and

set up conditions for inevitable success


(11) Private 1:1 Coaching Calls of 45 minutes each: In these powerful sessions, you

will get clarity on the source of your fears, as well as practical tools for managing or

overcoming them. We will celebrate your progress and you’ll leave with clear next steps.

Email access to me, for those quick questions that may arise between our sessions

Custom Tailored Exercises to help you deepen the understanding of the topics

discussed during sessions and keep you in action between our calls




ONE 30 minute Goal Review Session, midway through the program: we will review

the goals you set at the Kickoff Session to ensure you are on track or to establish

whether there has been a change of goals

Don’t miss any more opportunities because of fear!

PACKAGE BENEFITS: Coach Bunmi is here to help you:


  1. Create a sense of clarity about YOUR goals /dreams

  2. Create or maintain a positive mindset

  3. Create healthy habits and boundaries that set YOU up for success

  4. Discovering YOUR fear, and the essential building blocks for

    • understanding YOUR fear, and

    • finding its cause; knowing this is key to overcoming fear

  5. Develop a healthy and fun way to honour or embrace YOUR fear

  6. Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards living the best version of you


For the ‘Best Version of You’ Package Investment 

Schedule Your Private One to One Session here! 

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